To Our Church Family,
A Worship Discovery meeting  is scheduled for Monday, April 12th at 7:00 pm.   The Session is beginning discussion on how to move forward with worship in September, hopefully in a post-Covid environment.  Everything is open for discussion including  number of services, how to conduct these services, times, etc.  Your input is valued as we make these important decisions!

The following schedule will remain into effect through Sunday, September 5, 2021.
Parking Lot Service at 9:00 am:
Sunday School for all ages at 10:00 am:
  • Please plan your arrival for Sunday School no earlier than 9:50 am to permit the uninterrupted conclusion of the Parking Lot Service as well as time for the cars to exit the lot.
Sanctuary Service at 11:00 am:
  • Junior Church will continue to be offered during this service with the exception of the first Sunday of the month.
  • This service is now being live streamed to Facebook, YouTube, and the Fellowship Hall.
Guidelines for the sanctuary services include:
1.  Do not come to worship if you are sick, if you have been exposed to someone who is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms or are compromised from a pre-existing condition. You are still welcome to attend parking lot worship in this case.
2.  Face masks are NOT REQUIRED but you are more than welcome to wear one. 
3.  Families, couples, etc. are able and welcome to sit together, but we must be respectful to those who would like to maintain the six-foot social distancing therefore, an usher may help seat the congregation if necessary.
4.  Bulletins will be available at the door for individuals to pick up on the way in but will not be distributed by members of the congregation.  Pre-packaged communion elements can be picked up at the same location.
5.  Offering plates will not be passed during the service, rather there will be an offering distribution spot also available upon entering.  
6.  Hand sanitizing stations will be readily available.
7.  Restrooms are available.
8.  Since COVID-19 is spread primarily via droplets, there will be no singing in worship at this time due to amount of droplets dispersed through singing. Special music continues to be provided.  
9.  Please continue to follow the basic guidelines that have been discussed for the last few months everywhere you go; wash your hands, don’t touch your face and please be mindful and respectful of those practicing social distancing.