To Our Church Family,
The worship schedule was a topic of considerable discussion at the Session meeting on Monday, April 18th.  There has always been a continued desire by the majority of the members on Session to return to a pre-Covid single worship service.  The consensus is that now is that time.  Therefore, the following changes will begin on Sunday, June 5th:
                        9:00 am Sunday School for all ages
                       10:00 am Worship in the Sanctuary
In addition, the Fellowship Hall will be available for all those who would like to come together to worship and feel more comfortable in a Masked Service Surroundings; the service can be viewed on the large-screen television.
The service will continue to be broadcast over 106.9 FM to the parking lot.  The parking spaces in the back row will be left open for those individuals.
Bulletins, words to the hymns, and communion elements will be made available to those
worshiping in the Fellowship Hall and the parking lot.