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Pastor Bob 
It matters to God how His Word is brought before His people.
The Apostle Paul, imprisoned in Rome, wrote with passion in his heart, “Timothy, this is the last thing I will ever say to you: Preach the Word.”  That is the heart of expository preaching.  What expository preaching does is explain the divine authorial intent of a passage of Scripture and what its implications are for life.  The primary role of the expositor is to wrestle out of the Bible the true meaning of the text.  Expository preaching starts with a text of Scripture, stays with a text throughout the entire message, and supports it with other texts.  The preacher moves consecutively through a text of Scripture while explaining and applying it.  In order to address the entire person of his listeners  -  the mind, the emotion, and the will -  the expository preacher seeks to:
  • Illumine and instruct the minds of his listeners with the truth
  • Inspire and ignite their hearts with a love for the truth and a hatred of their sin
  • Encourage and enlist their wills to commit to the truth that has been presented
As an expository preacher, Pastor Bob believes expository preaching is most effective when a book of the Bible is worked through in order to provide continuity of learning.  As he preaches the Word of God,  Bob seeks  to become the bridge that connects the ancient text to the modern listener.