Sunday School:
  • Adults meet Sunday morning at 9:00 am in the fellowship hall for coffee and conversation followed by Sunday School led by Frank Braden, Steve Rigatti, or Pastor Bob.  
  • The Young Adult Class led by Luke Speck meets in the hall classroom. 
Bible Study Opportunities:
Study the book of Romans with Pastor Bob, 7:00 pm, Tuesday
This is an opportunity to understand and discuss in depth what we believe and why we should believe it.
Wise travelers go through a routine to prepare for leaving home.  Yet very few people ever take time to prepare for the ultimate journey to a distant land every Christian will take—a one-way trip that will last for eternity to that “place called heaven.”
There are many reasons we should be thinking more about our future home, but the most obvious reason is this:  our departure for our future home is both certain and relatively soon.
A Bible study to help believers think biblically about that future home Jesus is preparing will meet every Wednesday (weather permitting) at 1p.m. beginning on January 4th.  Come and join us
as we open Scripture to answer your questions about heaven.
For questions contact Hester Shick.