To Our Church Family
     At the session meeting held Tuesday, March 17, the decision was made to comply with the Federal and State recommendations and cancel all activities at Worthington Presbyterian Church through March 30 at which time the session will meet and reassess the next steps.  Although we will not be meeting to worship, we ask that you continue to worship at home and wherever you might be.  In addition, Right Now Media has content that can be helpful during this time.  Continue to pray and be in every sense a neighbor to everyone, not simply those in our immediate church family.

     We are experiencing unprecedented times and the needs 
are so great.   People will be feeling isolated and alone, so reach out to them with a phone call to let them know they are never alone. Offer to help those who are most vulnerable to go out and pick things up for them at the store if possible.  It is true that we may never experience the full impact of this virus here in our isolated part of the country; but, with our actions we might be able to preserve precious resources which may be needed by our neighbors in the high impact parts of the country.  Our sacrifices here might be what saves a life somewhere else.  
     We do want to continue to grow in our relationship with our God and our Savior Jesus Christ. So we are going to continue to offer the weekly message (posted for Sunday morning, Lord willing) and the pastoral prayer on our web page at are also working to offer it through other means of social media.  If you have any prayer requests please send them to Pastor Bob in order for them to be included in the pastoral prayer.

     Please continue to pray for our country, for our 
neighbors, and for our church family.  Also take time to read I Kings 17:7-24. In difficult and uncertain times, our Hope is in the Lord.  Lamentations 3:25 “The LORD is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks Him.”  The widow in great need sacrificed for Elijah whom she did not know.  Yet, he became a neighbor to her and a great blessing as well.